I have worked remotely in one form or another for a majority of my twenty-five year career, and I love it.

Traveling 48 weeks or so a year as a consultant with a leading firm for eight years, my office was often in hotel rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, client offices, airports, our corporate office and, of course, home. When I left my high-stress role as a Marketing Director in a large, corporate setting to start my own consulting firm five years ago, working remotely from home (with some client travel) made the most sense – low overhead, no commute, flexibility with my young daughter.

Over the years, I had also developed and expanded my real passion – health, wellness, spirituality and consciousness. Yoga, meditation, hiking, exercise and self-care of all sorts (does riding my Vespa count…?) bring joy and a sense of fulfillment to my life. They make all of the hard work of business, parenting and contributing to the community worthwhile and make me better at what I do. So, it was a no-brainer for me to move from Philadelphia, the city I called home for over twenty years, to amazing Sedona, Arizona.

I am so very grateful to live and work remotely from the most beautiful place on earth. We have easy access to incredible nature (think: living in a national park!), hiking and mountain biking trails out our back doors, amazing health and wellness practitioners, world-class spas, great food choices and an wonderful community of people ranging from Arizona natives to leading thinkers, transplanted from the rest of the world, who made the conscious decision to make Sedona their home.

I’ve been working on bringing together and growing our thriving local entrepreneurial and professional community with a thought leadership group for Sedona’s next generation for the last couple of years and began development on RemoteWell in 2019.

Who knew then that the world would be thrust, without warning, into the world of remote work (and remote education) with the COVID-19 health crisis? Now, SO many of us are remote workers and students.

I know from experience that remote work can be extremely rewarding (my daughter says she can get her schoolwork done “so much faster!” when completing it at home…), but it can also be challenging – long hours, social isolation, indoors, not a lot of exercise. That’s why, when working remotely, a focus on wellness is essential.

As many companies have announced that they will not reopen offices until 2021 or perhaps ever, there’s no better time to try a new location for your remote office and reconnect with yourself here in Sedona, Arizona.

We have developed some wonderful programs to help you to live well, work well, get back to nature and enjoy your best life. Give us a call to learn more: 928.487.1075 or get started on planning your experience.

See you on the trails,