In the early days of the pandemic, the View From My Window group on Facebook grew exponentially, as people in quarantine shared the view from wherever they were in the world. Fellow “quarantinees” flooded comments to each photo with greetings from their respective locations. The posts in the group served as an expression of gratitude – acknowledging that despite the turmoil in the world, we each have things to appreciate in our lives; the replies, an expression of support and shared humanity.

On difficult days, when I saw a post in this group pop up in my feed, it always brought a smile – a gentle reminder from the universe about all the things for which I am grateful.

As the months pass, it has become challenging for many to see the same view out of the same window every single day. For those new to remote work (and even to those of us who have been doing it for awhile), working from home coupled with limited opportunities for social connection has not been easy.

Sometimes self-care is giving yourself the gift of seeing things from a different window, even for just a week or a month. As I look out my window at the beauty of Sedona this morning, I am grateful, and I look forward to sharing our view with you through RemoteWell. We have developed some wonderful programs to help you to live well, work well, get back to nature and enjoy your best life.

Give us a call to learn more: 928.487.1075 or get started on planning your experience.

***Happy postscript: The View From My Window group continues to grow and inspire many. Until you can visit us, check them out for a little inspiration!